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Have you decided to build a chalet? Is a dream becoming reality?

You need a parcel of land and a project? Meusac Authentic Chalets is ready to provide you with all you need!

Once started, you would expect the construction of a chalet to be a simple process and totally predictable; the weather to be perfect, in line with the forecast, the materials to be delivered on time, and the craftsmen to always be present and punctual.

Unfortunately, the reality is quite different: the construction of a chalet is not always an easy job. Therefore it is better to wisely control the various stages of the project and to be surrounded with experienced partners. Meusac Authentic Chalets will choose them for you!

After having identified and purchased a piece the land of sufficient size to fulfill the area's building density constraints, the master-builder will then contribute to the different stages of the construction with his heart, his patience as well as financially.

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