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Situated in the Valais, at the heart of the Swiss Alps, just south of the town of Sion, Nendaz encompasses 16 small mountain villages, for a total of around 5,500 inhabitants.

At the center of the "4 vall�es" resort, one of the world's largest ski areas, with 412 km of slopes and 92 lifts, Nendaz offers fantastic ski and mountaineering opportunities, as well as breathtaking views of the Rh�ne valley and of the highest summits in the Alps, such as the Matterhorn (4478 m) and the Mont-Blanc (4808 m).

Located in the sunniest region of Switzerland, Nendaz enjoys a great climate, providing for fabulous snow in the winter season and for very pleasant summers.

A place of History and Tradition

Nendaz is more than 600 years old, and 65% of its population is directly descended from the traditional families that still live there today. The history of the families is also that of its craftsmanship, passed along and perfected for generations. Nendaz is nowadays home to dozens of highly skilled workers, meaning you get the best quality of construction for your chalet straight from a dedicated, charming, local workforce.

A satellite view of Nendaz and the Valais

A satellite view of Nendaz and the Valais

This photograph shows the lower, French-speaking half of the canton of Valais, displaying the tremendous valley formed by the Rh�ne glacier thousands of years ago.

Nendaz, part of the Conthey district, is one of the largest villages in the canton, stretching from Aproz, at an altitude of 460 metres in the valley, right up the summit of the Rosablanche, at an altitude of 3336 metres.

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